Driving Issues

Are you tired of the traffic.


Why do we hide our bodies?

So many people today have something to say on the issue of body shaming but nobody but a select few mostly feminists are seeing the true picture. The true picture is that we are letting society as a whole body shame us, more and more women are finally standing up to be allowed the right… Continue reading Why do we hide our bodies?

The Decline of Retail

I have been in retail for going on 5 years and have noticed a decline in retail satisfaction. This is mostly due to the low quality of product most places carry. Pricing however in this economy is becoming the biggest issue quickly. In my store we recently received an item that is not only sold… Continue reading The Decline of Retail

Console Wars

So consoles have been at war for decades, with most gamers just go quietly along and others jeer and egg on these companies without realizing that if they spoke up and did something to make the companies work together then we really could got to the next-gen gaming and games we all want. PlayStation has… Continue reading Console Wars

Social Gaming

I love my video games and am currently getting back into Destiny but this is not just about Destiny its about any game with an in-game chat feature, I like to game but I love to game with other people but it irks me to no end when people especially on a social game like… Continue reading Social Gaming