Driving Issues

Driving Issues

So living in a big city is going to have its traffic problems it is just inevitable, because you cannot have that many people in a city and not have traffic problems. There are however some basics we can all follow to help these traffic issues and I will not only list but explain these basics.

  1. Don’t drive like a giant idiot.
  2. Now this covers everything we are about to cover, so I felt the need to put it as nu,ber one before we dive in.
  3. Obey and read signs.
  4. This does not mean obey them at the last minute because that is not why they are there. Their purpose is to inform you to change what you are doing before you get to the sign ex: the lane ends sign means that this lane will be ending get over now to avoid issue. This does not mean go all the way to the sign then force a merge, you should begin slowing down and getting over this will help free up traffic in the other lanes allowing for those of us who either knew about the signs or for those of us already in the appropriate lane to remain unhindered by your lack of knowledge because as the courts have dictated ignorance does not make you innocent.
  5. Stick to your lane in heavy traffic.
  6. This means that you do not perform the lane hop when traffic gets bogged down as this only hinders traffic even more it is acceptable to perform the lane hop if there is over 2 or more car lengths between the car that will be in front of you and the one that will be behind you so your stupidity and lack of patience does not impede others.
  7. Correct lane based on speed.
  8. If you are a large vehicle or semi that cannot get going as fast as others should not be in the left hand lane get in the other right hand lanes until traffic clears up because you slow traffic down considerably. Also if you are getting passed on the right move over a lane.
  9. Bug your city officials for more public transportation.
  10. Also we can get much cleaner traffic if we get better modes or at least more modes of public transportation such as monorails. So bug your city and state officials for more modes of public transportation.

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