Why do we hide our bodies?

So many people today have something to say on the issue of body shaming but nobody but a select few mostly feminists are seeing the true picture. The true picture is that we are letting society as a whole body shame us, more and more women are finally standing up to be allowed the right to show themselves in public just like men can and that is to say bare chested. Now many will say the reason that women cannot is because men and woman become distracted by breasts and it will cause accidents well first I ask do you think that men and women don’t look some nice pecks and get all goose bumpy if so then you are  severely wrong. Now it probably will at first cause some problems that is because they have become so taboo that lesbians, straight men and a few gay men I know would stab a friend to see some a breasts but if we end this taboo on them then it will become less awe inspiring. Do not get me wrong I could breasts everyday for the rest of my life and when my wife asks “baby do you wanna see mine”? She will have my utmost attention.

Now we are well on our way to allowing this taboo to fade into the past where it belongs, but all breathing heavily into a paper sack due to a panic attack of all women everywhere topless can calm down this will not be the case because if its hot and sunny nobody not man, woman or dog wants a sun burnt nipple that is just horrible for so many people in so many ways. In some areas it gets far to cold to go without a shirt and while I have never had frost bite let alone a frost bitten nipples, I am sure that is was bad if not worse than sun burnt.

So no people will not be going everywhere dying horribly in car crash’s because women went without a shirt and or bra along the way but I will say this before we begin trying to make this taboo fade away please people some caution there are those depraved folks out there who rape and molest and we should work on thinning them out quite a bit before we attempt this because this will only make some of them bolder in there attempts. So a good start to this is lets try complementing each other whether it be man to man, woman to woman or man to woman and etc, but I do not just mean on their appendages I mean on anything but folks please if someone says hey nice rear. chest, crotch, or other body part stop getting offended say thank you smile and walk away or stop and talk to them or compliment them. I have a young female co-worker who calls me gorgeous when we greet and to have fun with it sometimes I will flutter my eyelashes and courtesy (horribly though) and say hi to her or thank you and hi.

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