The Fake News of Sex

The Fake News of Sex

Oh yeah harder, oh give it to me, oh god yes, oh yeah, oh that was fantastic do any of these sound familiar what if these lines and noises were nothing but “The Fake News of Sex”.

Everyone man, woman, undecided and in between all have one factor that binds us together we all think we are the best sex someone has ever had and that no one will ever top what we can put down. But is that true? I as a straight man believe that I am while maybe not the absolute best at the art of giving pleasure I am good enough to keep my current partner (luckily now I’m married) interested and coming back for more. However I am also a realist and feel that the majority of people care very little for people they are just having sex though despite this I have yet to hear about someone being told after sex (at least the ones who were not so inebriated they couldn’t figure out the hole from a sink drain) that they were bad at sex this I feel is especially true for people trying to form relationships. This does not mean it never happens but why doesn’t it always happen. Why are we so determined to let someone think that what happened in during sex was good when it wasn’t, why would you let someone who disappointed you during sex go on to disappoint someone else.

A lot of times when someone is disappointed during intercourse the people who hear about are everyone else family, friends and even complete strangers but why not the one who was bad? Now I am not saying you should just crush this other person by berating, them about what they did wrong but display your lack of enjoyment and when they ask enlighten them and if you cannot then maybe you should look into some sex classes (yes these are a thing) because you could very easily be doing something wrong also. However I feel people should take sex classes if maybe you feel like you are doing something wrong, because then you will have one less worry. However if you lack sensation in some of your more personal parts or are just unable to receive pleasure do not feel bad this is not your fault but you should look into alternative ways of receiving this pleasure for it is very relaxing but please do not be one of those people who decide to kill or harm people to be able to feel that pleasure.

So not to leave anybody out I discussed this article with a LGBT friend of mine. Apparently the one group of people I had hoped would be the most honest about their experiences, well turns out that this is just one more way that they are just like us except when they have sex its with someone that has the same plumbing.

So in conclusion how about we help each other relieve some stress and have some fun by encouraging good sex practices and stop broadcasting The Fake News of Sex.

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