Why do you care who breeded with who to make you?

I have been noticing a trend gaining a lot of ground lately and I don’t fully understand why it is so popular. The trend is these people who are obsessed with finding out their ancestry and what their chromosomes say about them. I can understand those who are adopted wanting to know about their real family a bit but I don’t understand how people can’t live with who they are and adjust the things that they don’t like about themselves.


For instance I am overweight and have a problem were I constantly feel this need to eat, I am working on it I am slowly trying to exercise more and instead of fighting the need to eat things I have chosen to eat fruits and vegetables so that for now I am eating something healthy so that I can fight that urge later. I was raised in small towns and in the country I am happy with knowing only that, I have red in my beard but not on my head because my dad did beyond that I don’t care if one of my ancestors were from Ireland or Scotland or Timbuktu. As a side note I feel sorry and want to apologize to the people of Timbuktu for being the brunt of so many jokes over the years. I feel to many people look to the past for inspiration, for the answers to who they are.


It is for this reason I love the tribes of places like Australia who look after each other and consider the whole tribe to be family and if they need to find themselves they will just go be alone and contemplate it for as long as it takes. They didn’t need to know that their great great grandfather came from somewhere else and owned a toenail shop or whatever.


People the point here is that the past is to be learned from so we don’t make the same mistakes and I don’t mean the small mistakes people make like someone’s grandfather always had a glass table in his house and someone broke it I mean everything else from stubbing your toe in the dark to allowing corrupt people, horrible bigots, and insane mass murderers into a position of power. However we should not obsess over the past because it is behind you and your life lies before you like a present from an obscure relative it could be fantastic it could be full of horrors or it could be full of horrors that you can turn into something fantastic but regardless of whats in the package you don’t keep the package.

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