Odd Secrets

I have noticed that people keep the strangest things secret like for instance I know several adults myself included who still have a beloved stuffed animal. I do not tell many people about and neither do the people I know, I am sure that if I questioned others that more people would turn out to have a stuffed animal still. I lead with this because a person I worked informed me the other day that they in fact had their nipples pierced all because I overheard their conversation a bit. Many people might say that they would have kept that quite over everything else but I wonder if they would. Think for a moment if you had two secrets one was about your body the other was about owning like in my case a stuffed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, how many would rather say the secret about their body over the stuffed animal. Many of you are already saying that you would keep the body thing secret first but how many of you are the kind who would have a body secret if you are not that type then put yourself in their shoes for a second and lets say you had your nipples pierced and had a stuffed animal which would you tell a stranger first? Would you rather tell them something that they might just laugh about real quick and then think of as hot or cool or would you tell them that you still keep close to you a stuffed animal that a child might have?

You may not make this thought process consciously in fact in some cases it is rarely made consciously and is instead made subconsciously and it is times like this that I wonder if our subconscious is linked with our instincts in some way. Because instincts are linked to basic emotions such as fear and joy, so if you are afraid that the stranger might think of you as a child or ridicule you for doing child like things you would probably keep the stuffed animal a secret when in fact both things are normal in today’s society and neither should be ridiculed. So I just find it odd that some people keep things like stuffed animals secret and share the things they do to their bodies.

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