The Decline of Retail

I have been in retail for going on 5 years and have noticed a decline in retail satisfaction. This is mostly due to the low quality of product most places carry. Pricing however in this economy is becoming the biggest issue quickly. In my store we recently received an item that is not only sold for either the same price online but sometimes for up to 10 dollars cheaper. Also the people who work in retail are also becoming increasingly disenchanted with it. Now this may not surprise many of you but what might surprise you is the fact that to many and I am one of those it seemed like a safe harbor in a stormy sea of financial hardship. This is because while never offering a lot of money most unlike  my current employer offered competitive wages so that if you had worked in retail before they would pay you more to keep you away from other employers. That added with the usual benefits package many offered at least until a couple years ago was a huge sugh of relief.  Now how ever you have online companies such as Amazon which is now selling food and you have those meal delivery services that send you fresh ingredients and the recipes to use them. Does this mean that in time the store front will be gone? I think not because going to malls is just as popular as ever with the more selective stores that are in them such as Hot Topic and Victoria’s Secret. There will be a store someday that not only always pays decent wages with benefits but has decent products. But I have a crazy idea that if everyone everywhere charged more for their product and got a better quality product then paid their workers more fewer of them would be behind on bills or in debt and therefore able to shop in their store which keeps them going and keeps their employees employed with fewer wanting to call in because their jobs is horrible.

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