Console Wars

So consoles have been at war for decades, with most gamers just go quietly along and others jeer and egg on these companies without realizing that if they spoke up and did something to make the companies work together then we really could got to the next-gen gaming and games we all want. PlayStation has a leg up on  V.R. gaming while Microsoft is making leaps and bounds with A.R. in the way of their Hololens and Nintendo while they are not moving in the same direction as the others they also have their own greatness that lives in their ageless games and durable tech. All of them have decent motion tracking though their tactics differ but imagine the gaming experience that we could have if they all combined their games and tech and code. In this time of cooperation I could see them buying up some property and hosting true social gaming were people an gather and play games like Destiny were they are the controllers and they us their eyes to aim they move and dodge and jump to make their characters do it. Imagine playing Pokémon were they can give verbal commands to their or in the case of those who are unable to speak you would have controls and you could walk or roll depending on the functionality of your spine or legs. So I ask you can we end the console wars.

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