Gojira’s Travels through the Dimensions

Gojira’s Travels through the Dimensions


A collective shudder went through the assembled Eldar Warlocks they new something had just ripped its way into the universe from the Chaos side and this particular Craftworld have made expunging anything corrupted by Chaos their sole mission, even at times working with the conglomeration of races known as Tau. Using their experience fighting the forces of Chaos they start a search for the damage the entity caused but just as they do a distress call comes from a nearby Craftworld they are under attack by a ship corrupted by chaos with massive psychic capabilities and they do not have the enough Psykers to fend it off, so Craftworld Ynnis jumps into the webway heading to the aid of their fellow Eldar because this cannot be a coincidence that this Psyker ship attacks just as they sense something enter the universe. Upon arrival they find the craft world has landed on an abandoned human colony and is being assaulted they read several of the creatures known as the Thousand Sons and some sort of aberration of a size to rival their Wraithknight so they awaken two of them one wielding dual heavy wraithcannons and one with its mighty ghostglaive warping in alongside them are a massive Storm Host and an equally large Windrider Host that is heavy with Warlocks to help counteract this threat and leading this Craftworld host is Maugan Ra and a guard of his finest Dark Reapers. As they come out near the beleaguered Craftworld to provide aid they stood Ina awe for a second at their first sight of a Demon Primarch for they know no demon has ever been that size and they now know they look upon the mighty Magnus the Red. Immediately Maugan Ra has his Warlocks form up into an enclave to defend against the psychic assault pouring from the Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons and Magnus because he knows that if they try to attack back the sheer amount of power directed at them will destroy them while ordering the two Wraithknights who warped in to the sides of the battle to focus on the Primarch. But Magnus is no fool he knows he must redouble his efforts or the Eldar will escape and his plans will be foiled for while he knows that as his foot soldiers perish he can call in demons to replace them the Eldar will simply warp out once they have retrieved their artifacts, already the extremely nimble jetbikes of the Eldar were beginning to gather them up and he needed this artifacts for Ahriman to continue his search for the Black Library. The head Sorcerer riding a disc of Tzeentch sees the reinforcements and orders his terminator squads forward to assault the reinforcing foot soldiers while having his infantry attempt to rain Inferno bolts on the jetbikes meanwhile Magnus goes for the the nearest Knight and uses his dreaded Warp infused Gaze on it catching it off guard. As the blast hurtles towards it the Knights pilot attempts to snap off a blast from each cannon but just as the blast leave the cannons the Gaze hits but it collides with the energy from that cannon causing it to warp around the Knight and a blackness painful to look at the Knight is consumed the other Knight already on his way to the Primarch seeing his fellow pilot and Knight consumed by the foul energies uses the Knights jump pack and launches it across the battlefield to hit the creature with his mighty weapon as the Knights feet touch down hundreds of Chaos soldiers are crushed and the blade strikes true slashing the demons back. Meanwhile the Eldar leader seeing the destruction of one Knight and watching the other literally leap into battle against the gargantuan creature makes a quick call and suddenly a dozen Wraithblades warp in and cut apart a squad of terminators to clear a path to aid their comrade but as their charge begins Magnus is already sweeping his massive staff up and around to attack this being that dares to battle him and in doing so cleaves all but a few of the blades intwain without slowing down to crash into the side of the Knight but both wounds are of no consequence to either massive beings and the rest of the Wraithblades are burned by a beam from a Sorcerer that managed to get past the defenses of the Enclave. The Sons seeing this press their advantage against the Eldar as the titanic battle rages above them. Magnus using his wings to fly out of reach then dives back in for a hit on the Knight severely damaging an arm and its chest but the knight manages a blow just as Magnus flies back but it gets deflected by a an energy barrier around the Primarch which staggers the Knight sensing his chance Magnus comes in and swings his staff again but the Knight gets inside of the attack to savage the chest of the Primarch with a fully powered glaive this blow while not truly fatal forces the Magnus to return to the Warp to recuperate his powers the Eldar seeing this grow emboldened and press a counter attack that forced those not killed in it to retreat for without their Primarch and having lost many of their Sorcerers when the Knight landed they cannot stand against the reinforcements pouring in, and so the Sons retreated to their ships with the few artifacts they could claim and took off under heavy fire.


Meanwhile on a very distant planet in a very distant past a gargantuan lizard like creature was fighting a ceasless battle for ascension against other creatures who like itself lived on a heavily irradiated planet, this creature currently is nameless and ancient and though it follows its instinct heavily it was not unintelligent and would later be given the name Gojira. Gojira’’s current battle is against an enormous armored not unlike the Stegosaurus that would evolve later in the planets cycle but unlike the soon to be creature the barbs on its tail are poisoned and can generate and breath an acid like mist on its foes which it was currently using to keep its foe at bay after being hit by the fire like breath weapon it uses. Gojira however has evolved to be very resilient and though the acid hurt it and the poison fuddled its mind the mighty creature trudged forward through the mist to grab its foes head and neck and bit the pest on the neck biting clean through stopping the mist abruptly as an orangeish blood came flooding from the creatures brutally severed neck and dripping from Gojira’’s powerful and menacing jaws as he let out his mighty victory roar. In the distance an answering roar sounds and Gojira begins to get visibly enraged, the spines running up his back began glow an ominous blue color and in the distance but coming closer at great speed is a massive gold monster roughly the same size as Gojira but with massive gold wings and three erratically moving heads and two tails that have a bizarre movement style. As soon as this new challenger came within range Gojira let loose a terrible blast from his snarling maw but just as he did the newcomer released what would be categorized as lightning though it was gold in color and being issued in a constant stream from the golden jaws of the other creature and as the the two energies collided in the center of the roiling powers a strange blackness began to form and then  exploded outwards sending both creatures sailing through the air uncontrollably. They both landed hard but Gojira was up first because the winged one had to first get off its back, as Gojira got up he looked in confusion at the spot for there in the dust rose a strange almost skeletal creature that though thin was as tall if not a bit taller than himself and were hands or claws should have been we’re long roundish objects the top of it seemed to look around as though it were confused, but Gojira was not confused this new thing had hurt it and now it would pay.


Warning lights were going off everywhere and all that Altelai rider of a Wraithknight knew was that she would be dead soon the amount of Psyker power that hit her would have even destroyed an Avatar of Khaine, and yet somehow the power was not consuming her but sending her in to the webway or so she thought so she activated an emergency webway jump hoping it would keep her close so she could get new weapons and get back in but when the jump completed while it did disperse the energies she could not recognize were she was, and as she was turning the Knights head to get her bearings she sees what she can only classify as a huge Daemon about the same size as Magnus coming towards her she goes to blast it with all the Knights weapons only to see that the energies fried all her weapons so e fire she hits a few buttons and the weapons drop from the Knight and vaporize themselves so as not to leave any thing to aid her enemies if she lost and  in her distraction she didn’t notice the large green demon take a huge breath in. Gojira breathes in as parts of this newcomer break off and sends its mighty fire forth to engulf the Knight, when the fire hits the Knight gets rocked but the pilot quickly regains control and begins to maneuver the Knight out of the blast and towards the creature. As the strange creature stumbles out of his attack he stops and begins to amble towards it and at the same time the Knight heads for him and thanks to the longer arms of the Knight it gets the first blow when swinging a long arm around to catch Gojira in the side of his enormous head but Gojira is not one of the most feared creatures of this land for nothing using the momentum of the hit he swings around to catch the Knight with his mighty tail hitting it so hard the feet went out from under the Knight but just at that moment as the Knight goes sailing towards a rock jutting from the ground the jump pack kicked back into life which also caused one warning light to turn off in the cockpit causing the Knight to correct its flight and begin to move rapidly towards Gojira. The pilot was just beginning to type in the sequence that would cause the Knight to perform a set of attacks autonomously which would have put serious damage on Gojira but suddenly the pilot gets rocked by a blast from behind then the alarm light for the jump pack shorts and explodes in her face as the Knight suddenly falls out of the air as another explosion happens directly against the Knights back. The pilot using flight correction boosters in the glove to turn the Knight around sees a massive golden creature that resembles a three headed and tri-tailed Heldrake and from the creatures mouth came a burst of golden crackling energy that hit the Knight square in the chest sending it stumbling backwards but still the Knight is holding up mostly. The golden creature who would one day be known as King Ghidorah to some and Monster Zero to others then swept past the Knight still pouring forth energy and hit Gojira with it which enraged the mighty creature causing it to swing it’s tail around smoking Ghidorah on its writhing necks slamming the creature to the ground, the Knight took advantage of the distraction to get reoriented and grab a weapon the nearest thing at hand being a massive boulder which it planned to use against Gojira thinking the other was out of the fight but Gojira seeing this grabbed Ghidorah by a wing and a foot and began swinging the creature in a circle this caused Ghidorah to attempt to use its breath weapon on Gojira but couldn’t reach it before Gojira released throwing Ghidorah into the Knight head first the Knight being struck by not only Ghidorah’s energy attack but by the gargantuan weight of Ghidorah as well was too much for the Knight it finally toppled landing hard on the ground and the energy plus Ghidorah cracked the chest of the Knight then as the pilot begins recuperating and starts pushing Ghidorah off the Knight Gojira gets up close and unleashes his radiation fire against the two enemies the fire burns into the Knight causing a chain reaction in the Knights webway systems the resulting explosion though mild severely harms Ghidorah and instantly kills the pilot and creating a webway gate that engulfs Gojira and Ghidorah. Ghidorah wakes up in a strange white room on what will large be called the moon and Gojira well that is a story for later.

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