Social Gaming

I love my video games and am currently getting back into Destiny but this is not just about Destiny its about any game with an in-game chat feature, I like to game but I love to game with other people but it irks me to no end when people especially on a social game like Destiny will play the game and not communicate, I personally do not care if you think you are gaming’s gift to the world and only want to do the missions on your own if you were to use a mic and communicate this to others they would leave you alone or if you are in lets say a strike on destiny and your light level may not be quite up to speck you should definitely operate with a mic and communicate with your fellows to achieve the best outcome for the mission. I say this because I see it more and more now granted many gamers are under 18 and their parent or guardian refuses them a mic because many gamers do not use etiquette and are prone to what some consider foul outbursts quite buying your kids these games or let them talk and just teach them the difference in saying things online to saying them in real life. Now to the rest of you who have a mic use it because it is a social gaming some of you play to be the best or to broadcast yourself having fun or because this is the way you socialize with other people but I promise gaming is way more fun if you let loose and communicate even if you start to but find out that the person is some spoiled little itch of a child or a super annoying opinionated adult like yours truly and then stop at least you tried and should keep trying because people improve other people by association so if you do not like how someone is acting not because that is how they are but you fee they are doing it to be trolly then maybe you should show them a better way.

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