Road Problems

Living in a city like Vegas or LA has a problem on the roads known as traffic, however it is survivable this conversation however is about cars decked out like race cars and not the NASCAR kind I am talking about the street racing kind such as the ones from the movie “Fast and Furious” or the game “Need for Speed”. Now if you have one of these cars unpucker I am not against it but I do have issue if you have one of these and I am driving faster than you, it is my belief that if you have one of these especially in Las Vegas are were the 15 is so unpatrolled that I personally know 3 people who do over 90 everyday without incident that you should look at the speed limit sign as a very bad suggestion. I had an incident today were I was actually passing two tandem “race cars” I say tandem because they obviously knew each other as they were not only decked out for racing although they were two different makes and models but also had a neon under glow of the same color and I was passing them because they were barley passing most of the people driving on the road which I feel is a spectacular waste of money I mean is like the old saying all dressed up and nowhere to go well this is all dressed up and going to the grocery store.

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