Working Out

In this body positive era we are attempting to live in I feel it is important to talk about gyms, now I am overweight and am slowly trying to work on it not because I am ashamed of how I look but because it is the healthier choice but I do not like gyms for no other reason than they make me feel uncomfortable they have all this imposing equipment but if want to learn more about it they make you pay for a trainer and then there is all ways to do it wrong because apparently you have to move just so in order to train your muscles. Now some of you are thinking well just because you are overweight and lazy and are bad at working out doesn’t mean that gyms are bad. So for starters I do not feel gyms are bad I feel they offer a wonderful service I have several friends who love going to gyms because it helps them relax and clear their head but I feel they might be better served by finding and hiring someone to go there and essentially be a greeter for their gym and I am not talking about the one behind the counter this person would be on the floor and if someone were to be confused instead of them trying to get the courage to ask for help the “greeter” could come over and offer assistance or simply began using a machine performing its most simple functions that a beginner might benefit from knowing. I also feel that the people who go there should start trying to be more open and if they see someone in distress they also could give encouragement or even advice and try telling them to not worry about the gym yet just get more active first by taking walks or trying a simple or advanced sport.

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